BOUNTY and REFERRAL Terms and conditions


Our total bounty & referral program in aggregate budget is four hundred million (400m) SID Tokens equivalent fiat of four million EURO (4m €) at, excluding bonus or discounts, 1 SID Token at 1cent €.


A separate Bounty & Referral programs may potentially take place through 3rd parties, at the Company (SID Limited) sole discretion for an additional 400 million SIDT equivalent fiat of 4 million € at, excluding bonus or discounts, 1 SID Token at 1cent €.

A separate budget of a further additional total Airdrops programs in aggregate budget of 200 million SIDT equivalent fiat of 2 million € at, excluding bonus or discounts, 1 SID Token at 1cent € will be allocated and announced separately.

This SID bounty & referral programs will run until the end of the Initial Token Sale (ITO) or when all the bounty & referral tokens of each program are distributed or earlier if so decided at the Companies´ sole discretion.


General Bounty and Referral Program Rules

– Any misrepresentations of the project or false claims are not permitted.

– Use our whitepaper and this content guide as a basis for your work & inspiration.

– We aim to check and analyse all the provided information daily, rewards are aimed to be counted weekly.

– It is strictly prohibited by law and by these rules to present directly or indirectly SID token as an investment or encourage people to buy the token for high return profits. Only promoting SIDT as a product is allowed.

– The bounties will be paid after a positive audit of your work and within 30 days after the token reaches the first exchange.

– You can join the bounty campaign at any time during the ITO or before the ITO ends.

– Prohibited: negative trust members, multi-accounts, spamming, bots, cheating, using someone else’s work, multiple signatures for the same users or any other activities that we may find or deem fraudulent.

– If any are found or deemed to as fraudulent activity or cheating, then all the bounty tokens will be retired, your participation will be banned and payment will be denied to you.

– We reserve our right to eliminate you from our system, if we think you haven’t been honest with your work & we reserve the right to change the bounty campaign rules at any time at our sole discretion.

– Bonuses earned during the bounty-campaign will be credited to the participants’ accounts within a week after the closing of the Initial Token Sale period and after the tokens are listed on an exchange.

– Reward system may be subject to change depending on the number of enrolments in each category.

– It’s not allowed to participate in more than one (1) bounty campaign simultaneously.

USA citizens and people who reside in the PRC (People’s Republic of China) can´t participate and are not allowed to receive any free SID Tokens at all, nor is anyone holding SID Tokens allowed to sell any to a USA citizens or a person who resides in the PRC.


Bounty & Referral Benefits:

Follow these below steps to get free SID tokens:

1.- Go to the SID website and login clicking here or if you do not have a SID account than first create your private SID account by clicking here.

2.- Once you are logged in to your “SID – Private Area” click on the sub-menu on the top left of your screen and select in the drop-down option the second down starting from the top “Referral link” or simply click here.

Then click on the button called “Copy Link to Clipboard” and paste it and send it to all your contacts by email, chat, or through all your social media networks writing this message “Join this exciting SID Token project and Register by clicking on the link of this message!”. You can also use that unique link to hyperlink text or photos when posting on your social media channels.

3.- Inside your “SID – Private Area” same place as above point (2.-) just under the button “Copy the link to clipboard” click on the button called “Invite a friend by email” and enter in the appropriate field a valid email address of an interested friend or family who would be potentially interested in purchasing SID Tokens and get 50 SIDT. You will get the tokens if your friend or family Register / Whitelist before 2 weeks form the date of entering the email and continues Registered/Whitelisted with SID at least until the end of the formally announced Token sale period end. You can repeat the same process clicking again on “Invite a friend by email” for each new email you wish to invite to join SID and obtain free tokens for each of them then Registers and validates his email.

4.- (a.-) From previous point 2 and 3 onwards when NEW users whitelist with SID using your referral link, you will get 50 SIDT AFTER each new user’s email is validated. There is no limit per account on NEW Referral users Whitelisting other than the Bounty & Referral programs stop automatically giving out any additional free tokens when the above overall Total tokens limit is reached.

(b.-) When previous NEW users purchase SID Tokens (SIDT), you will get 1% of the SIDT the NEW user purchases in aggregate during the token sale period if it’s less than the equivalent fiat value of five (5) thousand €, but you will get 2% of that NEW user SIDT purchases for five (5) thousand € or higher, with the restriction that the Bounty & Referral programs stop automatically giving out any additional free tokens or any Bounty or Referral tokens when the above overall Total Bounty & Referral tokens limit is reached. For the avoidances of doubt the 1% or 2% referred to herein are paid in SIDT and are calculated as a % of the tokens purchased (excluding bonus tokens or discounts).


5.- Earn instant free tokens when you invite a friend to our SID Telegram Group.

To invite a friend, just go to your private area which you access when logging into your account though the SID App or our website (SID Android App, SID iOS App, or SID Website). Login to your account and in there copy your Personal Telegram Link and send it to a friend or multiple Telegram  friends or family of yours.

When your friend or family clicks on the link, a chat will automatically open with our @SIDBountyBot

Tell your friend when you send him your Personal Telegram link that he must follow the follow these 4 simple steps:

  • (a) Register with us, here
  • (b) validate his email
  • (c) complete his SID profile
  • (d) join the SID Telegram group by clicking on your personal Telegram Link that you have send to him/her.

Than upon your friend completing previous (a) to (d) tasks, you will receive 50 SIDT (SID Tokens) which you will be able to see added in your own SID account (Private Area).


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